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HoH Welcome!

Congratulations on being sorted into Slytherin, the most noble of the four houses!

This is now your home, so feel free to post about anything that is related to the community and Harry Potter. If you would like to post about the Half-Blood Prince, please do so behind a cut marked "SPOILERS". We're all thrilled that the book is out after all of our waiting, but there may be some of us who have not read it yet and would like to be surprised.

A final reminder to all members to please abide by the rules. The headmistresses are invited to be a part of our common room. Don't let them catch you doing things that are out of line. We want to stay ahead in points, don't we? If I see anyone behaving inappropriately, I will give one warning. After that it will be to my discretion whether to ban you from the common room for an alloted amount of time. If the offense is particularly huge you will be banned altogether.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me (your HoH), or either of the headmistresses. We're here to help you!

Once again, congratulations and enjoy your stay!
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