A Wynn (shessodown) wrote in sly__slytherin,
A Wynn

1. Name: Amanda
2. Age: 15

3. Favorite HP Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban. I have at least three copys of it now XD
4. Favorite/Least Favorite HP Character: Favorite:Umbridge. Shes too wicked for her own good. Least: Hermione. Too emotional.
5. Favorite HP Word: Snivellus
6. Favorite HP Spell: Avada Kedavra
7. Favorite HP Actor/Actress: Tom Felton (IE..icon)
8. Favorite HP Movie: None
9. Favorite Band/Singer: Harry and the Potters.
10. Other Information: Im tired.
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*laughs lightly* I love Harry and the Potters. Their songs are a bit short for my taste, but they're so much fun to sing along to.

=D Welcome.
That's one hot icon! *Squees* Ok, I'm good now.

Oh, and I love Harry & The Potters. The Wrath of Hermione is a great song. Rita Skeeter better shut her mouth before she gets in trouble! Ah, that cracks me up. >D
Lets make a Harry and the Potters club!
OMG! We so should!!! >D